Saturday, 11 September 2010


The PS2 has sold 145.4 million units worldwide as of June 30, 2010, making it currently the best selling console. It reached UK shelves in 2000 and went on retail at £300, i bought mine at a respectable price of £200, or thereabouts, mostly still content with my old PS1.

Im somewhat like Millhouse nowadays, content with simple games like the cup & ball, I no longer use the console so today i took it back to the very shop i purchased it from and traded it back for cash, its a shame and a testament to the relentless pace of technology that the pocket money i received in exchange was less than 5% of that price i originally paid for. I suppose i shouldn't really be so discontent that gaming technology has moved on so rapidly, it was this pace that brought about such a console, so im glad im still not playing them if its an indication of technology in the future of gaming consoles.

This is the receipt, as you can see i received £6 for the console including a controller, 50p each for various games, one game at £1.40, an official 8MB memory card for £1 and a ridiculous 10p for an official controller.

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  1. adam, thats ridiculous. why did you even sell it? when your reminising to your children about gaming as a child you'll cry inside as you remember that you sold your playstation for pennies.