Sunday, 7 November 2010

Jamie XX remixes ‘Fog’ for Nosaj Thing

It’s about time we were offered something substantial from Nosaj thing. Since his debut album ‘Drift‘ dropped well over a year ago, hungry ears have been feeding off a steady stream of assorted remixes ever since, and the wait, unfortunately, isn’t over yet, but to ease the burden until his next album is released early 2011, we have been blessed with ‘Drift remixed’ out on sale November 2nd on Alpha Pup.

The album features a serious dancefloor banger from Jamie xx, that could be seen as a return of favor, as those of you familiar with Nosaj things remix catalogue may remember his clubworthy remix of The xx’s ‘Islands‘, earlier this year.

The last minute of this track almost alludes to a stronger template that is more identifiable with the likes of Jamie xx, who in return takes ‘Fog’ and makes it clubworthy in his own sense, stripping away the original template and spaciousness of the track. What is left is equally haunting yet agitated and skittery. A reinterpretation that will certainly appeal to UK bass heads and yet another great example of the connections between the US beat aesthetic and its moodier brother in the UK.

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