Sunday, 7 November 2010

Rising Star, Jamie Woon

If you haven’t heard of Jamie Woon yet, it would be understandable. Without an album nor an ep out, but only a few singles to his name, this young British singer/producer has already created quite a stir over here, thats sure to grow over the next few months. Fusing silky smooth vocals over dusty atmospheric instrumentation, Woon has already gathered a strong following being backed by the likes of Ramadanman and Burial, both of which have remixed his tracks, you may remember ‘Wayfaring stranger’, a Burial remix back in 2007?

Woons latest single ‘Night air’, produced by that mysterious Willian Bevan, has already had major airplay on radio one and is being dropped left, right and centre in Londons alternative nightclubs. The single comes with a laidback B side remix  by Ramadanman that satisfies equally. Currently only available on Vinyl, the digital release date is 14th November. Keep your eyes and ears peeled on this very talented rising star, expect big things as his debut album drops early 2011.

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